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The subject of this user agreement (hereinafter the "Agreement") are the relations arising between the Administrator and the User in the provision of Service administrator using an Internet service located on the Internet at the address (hereinafter - "Service", "Site"). By using the Administrator's Services, the User unconditionally agrees comply with the terms described in this Agreement. The provisions of this Agreement are binding on all Users, registered through the Service or started using any of the Services Administrator. The current version of the Agreement is always available on the Internet at: The Agreement can be changed at any time by the Administrator unilaterally order without obtaining the consent or notification of the User. New edition of the Agreement comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Service. 2. Concepts used in this Agreement Administrator. User is a fully capable natural person who has achieved eighteen years of age, who has the right to enter into a contractual relationship with Administrator who is one of the parties to this Agreement. Service, Site - an Internet service managed by the Administrator at the address:, as well as through mobile applications, providing User opportunity. 3.1. The services are carried out by the User independently on his own behalf by filling out the form on the Site, with the exception of cases provided for in paragraphs. 3.5 Agreements. 3.2. The form contains required fields (required for provision of the Service in accordance), and optional fields filled in at the request of the User in order to facilitate To the Administrator in improving the quality of the Services provided, receiving from the Administrator additional information about the Services, the Administrator, interesting facts, events, loyalty programs and more. 3.3. When registering, the User undertakes to provide only reliable data and only in relation to yourself By accepting the terms of this Agreement and the terms of the provision of a specific Service, posted on the Site (by clicking the "Submit" button), the User confirms the accuracy of the data provided, consent to their processing by the Administrator in any not contradicting the form, registration on its own behalf, familiarization and agreement with the terms of the provision of the Services. 4.1. By accepting the terms of this Agreement (by clicking the "I Agree" button), 6.1. By accepting the terms of this Agreement (by clicking the "I Agree" button), The user guarantees compliance with the following conditions and prohibitions: - The service is available only for personal non-commercial use; - it is prohibited to use the Service for the purpose of making a profit, for posting links to other services and sites for the implementation of fraudulent schemes, financial pyramids and calls to participate in them; - the condition for the purchase of the Services is the acceptance of this Agreement; - The service has the right at any time to unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement and annexes thereto; - the use of the materials of the Service without the consent of the copyright holders is not allowed; - when citing materials from the Service, a link to it is required; 6.2. By accepting the terms of this Agreement (by clicking the "I Agree" button), The user confirms that he is an adult, fully capable person and undertakes to comply with the terms of this Agreement, undertakes not to take action, which may be considered in violation or norms, including in the field of intellectual property, copyright and / or related rights